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MIKE BLINDER knows media advertising sales like no other. A well-known radio and television talent in Maine, he moved out from behind the microphone and camera to excel in media sales. Mike was quick to realize the importance of the newly emerging internet phenomenon, and soon launched the Internet Sales Division of a leading media group.

His career has grown exponentially since then, and Mike is now in high demand as a sales consultant for some of the world's most respected media companies and corporations. His unique approach to sales has been has been adopted by 50 thousand businesses world wide, and the Blinder Group, Mike's company, has helped them bring their products - both traditional and Web-based - to countless clients, established and new.

In the past decade alone, Mike and his team have provided "on-the-street training" to thousands of media reps, producing millions of dollars in sales. Mike's "tried and true" sales methods continue to provide winning results, even with rapid changes in technologies, and even in the most difficult economic conditions in living memory. Blinder FAQs
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"Survival Selling Even in the Toughest Times"
A book by Mike Blinder

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In this book, Mike Blinder reviews the fundamentals of sales and shows how essential a B2B (back-to-basics) approach is to B2B (business-to-business) sales, even in a down economy ... especially in a down economy. He gives back to the sales community by sharing over two decades of experience and expertise in the "oldest noble profession."

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(2) Establishing Rapport
(3) The ABC of Diagnosis
(4) The Great Dilemma:
One Meeting or Two?
(5) The Pitcher Takes the Mound
(6) Openings: The Chapter You Won't Need
(8) Some Final Words
Appendix A: All the Quotes
Appendix B: Suggested Reading
Survival Selling

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